The Earth Doula

Meet Kalifa

“When women move forward, the world moves with them.”

- African Proverb


It was throughout my journey of self-education, health, and awareness where I discovered the many hurdles women face from the pre-birth to postpartum stages in the birthing process. This journey brought me to a place in my life to want to become a Doula, where my sole purpose is to educate, assist, and provide support to families.

With a communication and business background, I’ve always wanted to hone in on those skills by helping families and women.  I want to utilize my voice and change the way mothers not only experience the birthing process but also associate with it. I believe if we provide knowledge, support, and objective viewpoints to families about the benefits of having an advocate during their pregnancy journey, then we can recreate the beauty of childbirth for women. I strongly believe that a doula‘s support can ultimately enhance a family experience by making it comfortable, peaceful and beautiful.

Throughout my life, helping people began early on by supporting my family members during their transition into motherhood. Since then, I’ve been inspired to help others in my community. I’ve always been a person that people from all walks of life rely on and ask for my support when going through challenges. My mother, a woman that has gone through six natural, beautiful, and positive childbirths inspired me to pursue this career.

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